Care you ready to attend a Professional Airbrush Course in Italy?

Are you ready to fall in love with our Country, learn about its story and culture, admire its Art masterpieces and meanwhile make your passion a job? This is not a dream: with Professor Sebastiano Muzio Airbrush Courses you will become an expert of Airbrush, learning theory and using concrete tools. It is not important how much time you have and what is your education background: all Professor Muzio Courses are customizable (5 days, two weeks, one month, summer holidays, for beginners or experts etc.) and will give you the specific certification. Professor Muzio’s advanced aerography course is the most complete and professional Aerografo course available in the national and beyond landscape, at the end of which it becomes 100% professional operators in the use of the aerography, with both final certificates of attestation and rating in cents. It is a complex and structured course that is completely tailor-made, that is, built on the student’s needs and attitudes, for example choosing whether to include a total of hours of theory in his personal didactic course (with subjects such as didactic- propaedeutics of the anatomy of art, short notes on color theory, shape, volume and proportion, shadow theory, perspective) or devote the whole course to the instrument of the aerography. Additionally, each student will be joined by Professor Muzio, a senior high school art teacher and well-known painter, also by a highly skilled Personal Tutor with the task of following him step by step and solving everyday pictorial technical issues.